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Citipointe Foundation

To Bring Hope and Provide Support

The Citipointe Foundation was established in 2006 to bring hope and provide support for humanitarian causes, people experiencing hardship, distress or injustice and advancement in education.

The Foundation, which provides funds to various deductible gift recipients (DGRs), is presided over by the Board of Trustees who ensure accountable management of funds and appropriate governance.

Through the generosity of donors, the Foundation, since its inception, has provided over $14.5 million to organisations with an average of 4.5% administration expenses (2.2% over the last decade), with 92% of gifts distributed and 3.5% reserved as capital which is invested for the future.

Vision & Mission

The Citipointe Foundation exists to ensure people who are in need are supported in tangible ways in the present and afforded an enduring hope for the future and to ensure the advancement of education. We exist to unmistakably influence our world for good and for God.

The Foundation is an organisation through which philanthropic financial support for the following DGRs is collected, and funds distributed.

Current and Ongoing Projects

  • INO Projects Limited (including SHE Rescue Home)
  • Red Frogs Australia
  • Education – School Building Fund

Previous Projects

  • Brisbane South Community Care
  • Global Care
  • Destiny Children’s Home – Global Development Group – Project J176
  • Single parents’ dinners
  • Blood Drives
  • Christmas Hampers
  • Higher Education – Christian Outreach Centre School of Ministries Building Fund
  • Chameleon Region Housing – Youth Crisis Housing

Prior to in Australia Test:

  • Global Care – Built a village school in Vanuatu consisting of four (4) classroom and offices.
  • Global Care – Direct support of Children at risk and water purification projects in Nepal.
  • Global Development Group – Project J61 – Sri Lanka Boxing Day Tsunami – Iranaikerni village rebuild – 7 new homes, well restoration, community garden, new fishing boat, 2 wheelchairs, 275 stoves, 150 lamps, and 20 bicycles.
  • Global Care Relief Fund – Assisted refugees moving through Europe.

Faith, Love, Hope

On the first Sunday in June each year, Citipointe holds “Faith, Love, Hope”. A day to bring faith, love, and hope to our world through generosity and giving. Faith, Love, Hope is always such a powerful day as people give of their finance to bring hope and influence to our world for good and for God across Brisbane and the globe. Tax-deductible gifts to the Foundation on the day, support the wonderful causes outlined above.


Making a bequest to the Citipointe Foundation allows you to retain the use and enjoyment of your assets during your lifetime but still provide a valuable gift to the Foundation in the future.

Your Solicitor will be able to advise as to the most appropriate way for you to include a bequest to the Citipointe Foundation in support of ongoing funding to the various causes when drafting your will. If you have already made your will, you can add a codicil to include the Foundation – a simple and inexpensive process.

Suggested wording for bequests to the Foundation:

“I give to the Trustee for the Citipointe Foundation Trust (a public Ancillary Fund) the sum of $_______ for the general purpose of the Citipointe Foundation (322 Wecker Road Carindale Qld 4152) and the receipt of the Chairman of the Foundation shall be sufficient discharge of the Executor/Trustee of the estate.”

Contact Us

For further information, or to have a confidential discussion about how you can support the Citipointe Foundation, please contact:

Development Office

T: 07 3343 8888